Jeff Madura Business Book (ITM) Chapter 1 Notes

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Are you a student of Comsats University And studying business that is a subject of BBA , BSAF and BSCS and many more programs and jeff Madura Introduction to business book is recommendation and you do not have enough time to read all the book and looking for Study notes and slides then you are at right place here you can easily download all chapter Notes. This article is related to 1st chapter Of JEFF MADURA Introduction to Business Book.

Motives and Functions of a Business is 1st Chapter of Introduction to Business book. the topics and question that are covered by notes are given below:

Chapter 1 Motives and Functions of a Business

  1. What is the goal of my business?
  2. What resources does my business need?
  3. What types of stakeholders must my business satisfy?
  4. In what ways is my business exposed to the environment?
  5. What are the key types of decisions that must be made for my business?

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